• The WorthWhile Future Foundation is a non-profit organisation connecting the spheres of sustainability and investing. It is underpinned by the belief that an informed citizen today will be a conscious investor tomorrow. It aims to bring together ideas, enterprises, best practices and tools that will enable individuals in its community to use their capital and resources in pursuit of a more sustainable world, without compromising on their financial aspirations.

  • How About Now is WorthWhile’s independent editorial initiative.

  • The WORTHWHILE FUTURE FOUNDATION is founded by Jinisha Sharma (she/her). As the Principal, ESG & Impact, at Capri Global, she has led a career prioritising sustainable development, climate crisis and its solutions. She has also worked closely with organisations and initiatives that are promoting global action on the climate crisis. Given her professional background and her deep personal interest in sustainable innovation and responsible investing, Jinisha founded WorthWhile in an effort to improve awareness about the role of finance and the finance industry in building a sustainable world.
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